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  • go to: app.revmycrm.com
  • Enter your company email as the username and password.

REV Agent Training

After you have logged-in to REV you can find the Learning Portal on the top right hand side of your main dashboard.

The AGENT QUICK START course will guide you through the basics of the platform.

Live webinars are also available on a regular schedule.

Take the AGENT QUICK START course


Live Chat Help

Live Chat is available within the platform. Click the blue bubble icon in the lower right hand corner.


Live Webinar Training Schedule

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What is REV and how do I benefit from it?

REV is the HomeServices of America brand name for the KVCore platform.

REV is an all-in-one platform powered by AI, featuring lead generation, Smart CRM, listing management, marketing automation, and additional functionalities.

REV is designed to increase your productivity and grow your business by generating and capturing more opportunities.

The most powerful lead generation tool available to assist agents and teams in effectively generating new business, regardless of budget. Additionally, a personal and secure CRM enables you to fully adopt the platform as your own.

Empower Teams and Agents

Automate Client Conversion

Converting contacts into clients. Put contacts on autopilot with AI driven behavior nurturing, proven to engage 5-10X more leads and sphere of influence contacts. Plus, a top-rated mobile dialer app to keep you doing what you do best - building relationships.

Supercharge Your Brand

Engage and delight prospects and clients with stunning market reports, listing alerts, and branded digital marketing pieces.

Marketing Autopilot

REV has pioneered behavioral automation and are the industry experts at converting contacts into clients using behavior based nurturing. Smart campaigns engage contact automatically, so you are always staying top-of-mind and closing more business.

Mobile Dialer /Open House App

Agents and teams are on the go. REV will help you run your business from anywhere with a top-rated mobile dialer app and a sleek open house app to capture and convert more business.

Team Platform

Teams have the ability to operate as a true “business within a business.” A Team Platform provides team branding, lead gen, and sophisticated routing, agent accountability rules, and a built-in marketplace.

Built-In Marketplace

Seamlessly integrated add-on solutions like paid advertising, Property Boost lead generation, Nosey Neighbor and more allow you to customize the platform to meet your needs.

AI-Powered Smart CRM

AI-Driven lead validation and scoring, plus automated follow-up via email, text, and phone, take the guesswork out of staying in touch.

Listing Management & Marketing

Seamlessly manage all of your listings from one, central location with built-in social media marketing to maximize exposure while capturing leads.


Some of REV's Features include:


Upload your database!

The REV platform's functionality operates based on the information you provide. Uploading a clean, appropriately formatted database will allow REV's's full functionality to get to work for you faster.

Prepare your database


Step 1.

Export your database from your current CRM or the platform where you currently store your contacts/sphere of influence.

If your database is in the company CRM, click the button below for instructions on how to export your contacts. (PDF File)

Step 2.

Download the REV/KVCore "Import Template" Excel file.

Click the button below to download this template file.

Download Template

Step 3.

Prepare your data according to the REV/KVCore platform template specifications and formatting.

Edit The Headers of Your Exported Document

You can edit the headers of your exported document to match the headers, formatting and specifications of the REV/KVCore template.

The Most Important Data: Email and/or Phone Number. First Name, Last Name. If you are missing a name it will import as "No Name". If you are missing both phone and email, the REV system will not be able to effectively communicate with this entry.

Clean up you database

Whether you are preparing your database for upload on your own or are working with assistance, you should clean up your database by attempting to complete missing data or delete any data that is no longer pertinent.

Clean up prior to upload or working with assistance.

This will ensure you have the best possible database in place to work for you.

Help Video
Request Assistance

HOW TO VIDEO: Import Templates

NOTE: REV is the HSoA name for the KVCore product

We're here to help!

You're not alone. If you would like assistance with your database, click the button below to request help.


Export your current database

Company CRM Export

REV will help!


Prior to launch, REV will provide assistance with uploading your database. This process requires you to have your database ready for upload.

Best Practices

Best Practices: Insight on formatting your contacts.

Onboarding Contacts
Preparing your contacts for upload
REV Import Details

How to export PDF